I’ll help you make at least $5,000 before the end of the year

Even if you’re just starting out without an offer, a website or a following

So easy, even a kid can do this.

How would you like to make a cool $5k by the end of the month – without having to sell your own product or having to pick your own market?

And what if I made the whole thing risk free for you?

I’m calling it the Accelerated Results Program and it’s designed to catapult new students to success.

Let me explain:

What are the two biggest reasons people don’t get results?

They don’t have an offer.

And they don’t have a way to sell it.

Well my community members have learned how to sell by building trust in the most effective way possible.

In fact with what they already know how to do I’ve seen people sell eBooks all the way to five figure programs using this very method.

But I realized the largest issue was figuring out everyone’s offer – that takes time + trial and error.

And unfortunately that amount of pain when you don’t have initial results makes people burn out quickly.

So the other day I sat down and I asked myself:

“How can I make this offer into a no-brainer and remove ALL obstacles to success?”

and then it hit me!

“Give them a proven irresistible offer to sell!”

(at least to sell while they get their main offer ready)

But I want to see you generate a quick cash windfall…


I’m not talking about some run of the mill offer here.

I’m talking a high-octane psychologically engineered to succeed type offer.

The kind that changes peoples lives.

Now, the idea behind it is to give you that initial boost, but I want you to see results right away.

Is there a catch? Yes, there is.

This offer is by invitation only, and there’s a reason for that.

We’re going to work at a very fast pace for the next 3 months so you can finish the year strong and have enough money in your pocket not only to celebrate Christmas like a boss, but take the holidays off if you want to (between you and I.. you may enjoy seeing the cash in your bank account that you’ll WANT to keep going).

We’re also testing it out, which means that you’re going to get access to everything in exchange for helping us make it better and ready for a big launch next year.

If you must have everything tip top and in the right place, this is not for you.


This is a high-touch offer. Which means you’ll get to work closely with Yifat and the other members to make sure you build and maintain momentum and GET RESULTS.

For that reason, we’re keeping this a small, tight group and making sure only the right people get in.

So if you’re an ACTION taker, coachable and ready to finish this year strong click the button below and apply now.