Can you still make money without an offer?

Your Red Pill Journey

Welcome brave one!

Since you’re reading this now you are one of the few brave ones who chose the Red pill and are about to discover the what’s behind the smoke and mirror of online marketing.

Congratulate yourself because not many people are comfortable challenging their assumptions and waking up to the truth –

You are enough. As you are. Right this very minute.

And like I promised, over the next few days I’m going to prove it to you.

Not only am I going to show you why all the things you think are missing right now in your world aren’t the real culprit for your low sales…

…I’m going to prove to you there is only ONE asset that must come first, if you want high ticket sales fast without any of the headache and the overwhelm.

So you’re ready to break some false myths?

Let’s start with the first lie behind curtain number 1 – you have to have a product with a catchy name to make money online.

Aside from the fact that it’s a completely false premise…


  • You can make A LOT of money selling other people’s products (affiliate) and never have to deal with customer support or fulfillment
  • You can make a TON of money being the middleman – making introductions / cutting deals and never have to coach a person in your life
  • You can get paid just to show up and speak (know all those rich motivational speakers?)

Here’s why brainwashing you into thinking you must have a product / offer before you even start is setting you on the path to fail –

  • You can work for MONTHS on your website and no one will ever see it…
  • You can create the best program ever and no one will ever want it…
  • You can get lost in what I call “The Guessing Game”, where you’re trying to guess what people need, and go 100MPH in the wrong direction
  • You can spend a lot of money on dead-end solutions (like CRM, Hosting, Plugins, gadgets, software, tools)

And the worst part of it all is not just the wasted time and money, is what happens to your self-esteem in the process.

You’re starting to think that you’re not enough.

And that my friend, is the worst place to end up in because climbing out of that mental hole can more challenging than climbing Kilimanjaro (the highest single free-standing mountain in the world)

The truth is this – you don’t need a product or an offer to make good money online. What you really need is an ability to solve someone’s urgent problem.

I’ll give you an example.

I bet you hear this all the time – “it takes 23-32 touch points to convert someone into a buyer”, right?

Yeah, if you’re going the traditional route.

Which I don’t, and you shouldn’t either (it takes too long!)

Instead, focus on helping one person at a time, publicly.

I call it – delivering Jackpot Moments™

It’s the exact system I used to turn a stranger into a $10,000 + $1,500/month without selling her any of my products.

She saw my live video, hopped into the stream (I’ll tell you how to do that in future emails), and I solved her immediate problem.

I then followed up (I’ll show you how to do that too and not look salezy) and learned more about what she needed.

I didn’t have any product that fitted what she needed, but I had the expertise and know-how to help.

And so I structured an offer that fitted her specific needs right there and then and won a new client and a wonderful new friend.

So there were no –

  • low offer to high offer funnel (buy this $7 thingy.. Then this $29 thingy..etc.)
  • Webinars
  • Email sequences
  • Sales pages
  • Testimonials

None of that stuff.

In fact, she said it took just TWO WORDS for her to trust me right away.

I’ll tell you what they are tomorrow, but for today I invite you to consider this –

How many people are already tapping into your expertise?

  • Do you have friends calling to ask you how to do this and that?
  • Do you have family members always picking your brain?
  • Do you have colleagues DMing you? Sending you their friends for a “quick chat”?
  • Do people take you out to lunch just so they can ask you about something?

If so, you already have something that people want – your expertise.

And if you’re thinking now – “yeah, but I need money to actually turn that into a money maker” then make sure you don’t miss tomorrow’s lesson because I’ll blow that myth up too.

Your myth-buster,


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See you tomorrow with the second flawed myth – not having enough money.