Want to be Fake famous too?

Your Red Pill Journey

Myth #4 – You must have thousands of followers to make money online.

Yesterday I asked you to share your biggest marketing challenges, and here’s the one that kept coming up again and again – I don’t have many social followers.

I’m going to do a DEEP DIVE into this next week (stay tuned for tomorrow’s email with all the deets)…

…today I’ll give you a little taste of what’s to come and bust the myth of vanity numbers…

So if you truly think that what’s stopping you right now is not having thousands of followers on social media….

Let me introduce you to Arii.

Arii is an Instagram influencer with (currently) 2.6M followers.

Like many influencers, Arii wanted to monetize her followers and decided to sell shirts.

Arii couldn’t sell 36 T-shirts.

There are many reasons for why Arii didn’t reach her goals (bad marketing skills, bad execution, low engagement, wrong audience…)

But the fact is that the more followers you have, the less engagement you get:

Notice the number of comments people with up to 20K followers get – FIVE!

How can you expect people to open their wallets and give you their hard earned money if you can’t even get them to comment on your posts?

And why would they comment on your posts if they have NO relationship with you?

In the early days of the internet, one might have gotten away with faking it and building a grand empire surrounded by smoke and mirrors.

But now that the internet has matured, these people are being called out:

The Fake Guru Industry


This presents a HUGE opportunity for you!

Because most marketers focus on vanity numbers and on faking it…

And because we don’t know what or who to trust any more (wear a mask / don’t wear a mask…. Get a shot / don’t get a shot…)

It might seem that making it online today is much harder than before, and it is.

But here lies your big opportunity –

If you really want to stand out and be unique, don’t do what everyone else does.

Business owners and Marketers tend to rely heavily on data. If you’re relying solely on your big data, you’re only looking where your competition is looking – and data can only go so far.

But by having real time conversations with your prospects, you can go beyond the data.

So stop talking “at” people with your content, and switch to talking “with” them.


First, because no one else does it and you’ll stand out just by this step alone.

Second, you’ll switch your focus from product centric to customer centric (more on that later…) and will increase retention and word of mouth.

And third, because it’ll free SO much of your time and deliver much better results.

Now, here’s the great news –

There is a way to accelerate trust and relationship and it’s easier than you think.

Much easier than what Dana thought it would be:

It’s not supposed to work this easily.

Another excited day. Today I completed 3 interviews, edited/exported all three scrips and scheduled 8 more interviews. I am shocked and amazed, seriously.

In my type A, over analyzing mind, it’s not supposed to work this easily.

I’ve broken out of a rut

Thanks to Yifat I’ve broken out of a rut of that I’ve been in with how to develop myself and my business. Yifat has totally open my eyes to how I can take what’s relevant in my experience in my field and just force multiply that.

And does it work?

Let’s ask Julie:

Yifat’s system works!

Um… you guys? Yifat’s system works! I have 14 signups for my writing workshop tomorrow and only 4 names I recognize!!

First Sale. THANK YOU!

4 months ago I had zero paid offers, now my Etsy shop is up and going and I’ve launched writing classes (which everyone has said I should do before but when it had to be in person at a location that was too overwhelming!) ”

Tap Into This Opportunity!

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