The ONE thing you need more than money to grow your business

Your Red Pill Journey

Myth #2 – It takes (a lot of) money to make money

Yesterday we established that you’re already an expert by helping you realize how many people you’re already helping out now, and I gave you a personal example of how I turned a stranger into a $10,000 + $1,500/month by delivering a Jackpot Moment™

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you all about delivering Jackpot Moments™ like a pro, so you can turn browsers into buyers quickly too,

but there’s one thing very important that you have to know first… and that’s the second myth of online marketing –

You gotta have money to grow your business.

Despite being a vital element, money alone is not all that makes a business successful.

I’ll prove it to you.

Imagine it’s the middle of the month and you are running very low on cash.
You have bills to pay, rent or mortgage is due and salaries to pay out.

What can you do?

 You can try to borrow money from the bank… but they require collateral that you don’t have.

You can try to sell some stuff…but you’ll never get what it’s really worth.

You can use credit cards and pay for ads…but ads take time to test and convert, if you could figure them out in time and IF Facebook doesn’t close your account before you do.

You can try to get more clients and improve cash flow…but you don’t have any good prospects in the pipeline and your list isn’t responding as well as you’d like it to.

You have 2 weeks to get the wheels going or something’s gonna give.

Now imagine you have a strong reputation and people trust you.

One, just one of these people who trusts you, let’s call him Roland, is very well connected.

Roland is an investor in a few companies, he runs some of the most coveted masterminds in your market (entry ticket is $30k-$50k/year), has a podcast and a strong network of highly successful people around him.

How far can this ONE relationship take your business?

I’ll show you.
It can introduce you to key people:

It could get you in front of a larger audience when they quote you in their posts:

It can unlock secret doors and position you as a trusted advisor:

After being a guest on Business Lunch (Roland’s podcast) I began getting calls from his audience asking me to speak at their events as well.

War Room speakers are few and very well vetted. Having Roland’s vote of confidence opens doors that money can’t open, with personal introductions to top marketers in my niche.


money can’t buy you trust, and trust can take you much farther than any amount of money can.

Like getting into the inner circle of top celebrities to close business deals:

If you don’t have trust, you’ll be spending a lot of time and money trying to turn strangers into buyers… getting visibility, connections and honestly – much done.

If you have trust, money and cost are never an issue.

Think about it – how often do you hear someone respond to you with – but how much does it cost?

Or, “I need to talk to my wife”…

Or, “I need to think about it”…

All these objections are usually due to lack of trust – they either don’t believe that you’ll deliver, or they don’t believe they’ll get the results with you. (we’re going to discuss the many sides of trust soon. Stay tuned).

Now, this example was of having just ONE person who trusts you. What if you have more than one influential friend who’d show up and support you?

What if the most coveted people in your niche show up and help you build your own programs, and you can leverage their expertise and reputation not only to supplement your content but also to sell it?

Like they did for my Analysis To Action live challenge?

Smart people do it ALL the time:

They leverage the big names in their network to increase their influence and reach, like my friend Kate O’brien did here:

[Can you see how this one strategy of fostering strong relationships is much more valuable than all the other marketing tactics you waste your time on?]

And the best thing about it is this – it costs you NOTHING.

Now, there’s not only a right and wrong way to go about building this type of trust. There’s also a fast and slow way to do so.

You’re already familiar with the wrong way. You encounter it in your inbox and your DM’s on a regular basis too as Spam.

And there’s a slow way of doing that as well, known as traditional marketing.

If you want to learn the right and fastest way to skip the line and build the type of trust that gets you in front of the right people AND turns browsers into buyers…

Reply back with “Yes! I want to leverage the right type of trust to grow my business fast.”

And I might even prepare a workshop for you to practice it in real time.

Till tomorrow,


PS. The TWO WORDS that helped me turn a stranger into a $10k client were – “Nobody knows”. Reply back if you want to hear why this worked.