Ready For The Red Pill?

Can’t make your income goals?

Discover the truth behind high-ticket sales:

I want to help you see through the smoke and mirrors that have been brainwashing you through the years to believe that what you have right now isn’t enough.

If you think that what’s keeping you from achieving your 2021 goals is –

  • Not having an offer
  • Not having enough money
  • Not having a big list
  • Not being a great copywriter
  • Not having certificates
  • Not having enough followers on social media
  • Not gamifying your course…

…Then in the next few days I’m going to remove the veil of illusion put in front of you by so-called ‘gurus’ and help you see how you’ve been brainwashed to believe you can’t make money RIGHT NOW with the expertise you already have.

It’s a complete lie and I’m going to prove it to you.

But only if you want the truth.

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About Yifat Cohen

Meet Yifat (pronounced “ee-fah-t”, the “Y” makes the long “e” sound like in Yvonne)

She is an entrepreneur that runs an engagement marketing business that helps entrepreneurs establish instant trust with their prospects. She’s been in business for over 11 years, she does Krav Maga, loves geeky things, cooks spicy food, and is a traveler and adventurer, but also one who loves her sleep and strong coffee (which really doesn’t go together, does it?).

One of the first 100 people to be invited to Google+, Yifat has built her entire brand with one show on one platform that most people didn’t even care about.
Google hired Yifat and flew her around the world to train their own team and speak at their offices (which they hardly let a non-Googler do). She worked with the city of Austin, was featured on radio shows, big stages and live events… all because Yifat understands one thing:

In our overly connected world, we are starving for connection.

And when we provide that connection we are rewarded with referrals, loyalty and $$$.

Her clients have generated over $250,000 in 10 days from a dead list because of her Instant Trust strategy.
Others have made over $100,000 in that same span of time, while others saw 40% conversions and high ticket sales from cold audience.

Today Yifat provides that service to companies who have more leads than clients and helps them add an additional 10%-20% to their bottom line without paying for more leads.