How to get paid for your knowledge and feel good about it.

How to get your first “cha-ching” client without spending a ton of money on getting the eyeballs to “win the attention game”.


You might think that the people around you are right – all the information is out there, for FREE, why should they pay YOU?

But the truth is that even though all the answers are out there (on Google, on YouTube, on Siri, on Quora…) most people are still stuck. They’re still broke. They’re still sick. They’re still depressed.

It’s not lack of information that’s keeping them (and you) from the life they want, it’s lack of Connection.

Think about it.

Say you’re stuck and you’re trying to Google the answer, do you get the EXACT answer you need for your specific situation or do you get a list of options to choose from?

How do you know which one of those options is right for you? You don’t. You now find yourself going through the options.. trying to figure out what you need and now you’re not only stuck, you’re also extremely confused.

That’s exactly how the people around you feel.

You will get paid for your knowledge when people see you as a trusted advisor

The good news is that it’s very easy to become a trusted advisor and it doesn’t require endless content, hours on social media or thousands of dollars a month on ads.

In fact, you can do it in just about an hour or two a day.

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A fresh, new, & different… approach to marketing that’s simple, fast and proven create a steady flow of pre-sold customers.

Meet Yifat Cohen

Meet Yifat (pronounced “ee-fah-t”, the “Y” makes the long “e” sound like in Yvonne)
She is an entrepreneur that runs an engagement marketing business that helps entrepreneurs establish instant trust with their prospects. She’s been in business for over 11 years, she does Krav Maga, loves geeky things, cooks spicy food, and is a traveler and adventurer, but also one who loves her sleep and strong coffee (which really doesn’t go together, does it?).

Hired by Google to train their employees on their own products, Yifat Cohen helps her clients generate 6 figures in less than 2 weeks from their dead lists. Taking her best conversion strategies and putting them into a simple system that even newbies can apply, Yifat has made engagement easier than ever. Learn how to accelerate trust and move from Seen to Sold Out in this hands-on, experiential workshop.

Today Yifat provides that service to companies who have more leads than clients and helps them add an additional 10%-20% to their bottom line without paying for more leads.


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